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AgFood and Agro 4.0

AgFoodVentures was the unique innovation environment in the Southeast region, selected by the Ministry of Agriculture and ABDI, in the main public program for supporting agtechs in Brazil, the Agro 4.0


What is the AGRO 4.0 prize?

The working group, led by AgFoodVentures, was the winner of the main competition for Agtech ecosystems in Brazil, in the southeast region. ABDI's Agro 4.0 Program is an initiative of the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, with the aim of disseminating the adoption and dissemination of cutting-edge technological innovation for Agribusiness.

The technological solution proposed was in partnership with the startup Raks Tecnologia Agrícola, one of the main emerging agtechs in Brazil, which has an Intelligent System for irrigation management, in addition to Artificial Intelligence technology to aid in decision making by producers.

With our institutional partners, the Federal Institutes of São Paulo and Sul de Minas (IFSP and IFSM), we chose the coffee producers in the southeast region who received the technological innovation created and patented by Raks.

We are Partners of the Founder Institute

Start a business is a lonely and hard journey specially in tech entrepreneurship that involves lots of discipline. Founder Institute vision is to globalize Silicon Valley helping startups and founders all around the globe


Biggest Pre-seed Accelerator in the Wolrd

The Founder Institute was founded in Silicon Valley and boasts impressive numbers of success in accelerating startups worldwide.

Experienced mentors and a well structured process increase the chances of success for the entrepreneurs.

A 14-week acceleration program can take you from your idea into a $ 1 billion unicorn.


World Presence

The Founder Institute, through its chapters, assists in the development of successful businesses in dozens of countries.

The national vocation for agribusiness attracts the attention of investors and corporations about the agritechs and foodtechs that operate in Brazil.


Wold-class Mentors

At the Founder Institute you have access to an extremely qualified network of mentors, with resumes full of success stories, who will work with you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Their success is also the success of mentors, local leaders and those who invest in their ideas and projects.

Participation in the acceleration programs at the Founder Institute is supported without a lifetime limit (lifelong program).

We are the Agritech specialized accelerator selected in the IA²MCTI Program

AgFoodVentures is the accelerator accredited in the Artificial Intelligence program of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation - IA²MCTI - Softex. One of the main innovation and acceleration programs for startups in Brazil, with investments, open innovation and corporate venture. Investment of up to $ 100 thousand per selected startup.


The acceleration and investment program will:

- Foster the development of innovative projects with the adoption of artificial intelligence.

- Support greater interaction and connection between actors participating in the innovation ecosystem.

- Increase competitiveness and internationalization of Brazilian technologies.

- Promote the competitiveness, innovation and efficiency of Brazilian productive sector.

- Promote Technological Acceleration.


Artificial Intelligence

- AI will add $ 2.3 trillion in value to the market by the end of 2020 (McKinsey)

- Use of AI combined with other technologies is within the top 10 strategic technological trends (Gartner)

- Investments in the sector totaled US $ 15.2 billion in 2019, average annual growth close to 20% (BCC Research)

- In 2022, at least 40% of new development projects application development will have AI co-developers on your team.


Four Priority Areas

  • Agribusiness
  • Industry
  • Health
  • Smart Cities

  • IA²MCTI Selected Agribusiness Startups

    ScaleUp in Brazil

    We attract the best global startups to connect with partner corporations. One of our partner programs is Scaleup in Brazil.


    Customers and Market Strategies

    Access to 50+ of the largest corporations in Brazil with resources ready to be deployed.

    Access to business development services to identify and coordinate meetings with potential customers and strategic partners.

    Strategic report to support market entrance and support on product validation and market adaptation.


    Business, Cultural Environment and Investments.

    Support on understanding the local culture and aligning expectations in regards to customers/partners.

    Access to the principal advisers on regulatory, legal, tax, human resources, banking as mentors.

    Access to the private equity and venture capital fund managers as well as corporations and other strategic investors looking for innovative solutions.


    Support and Partnership

    A 6-month post program support channel of the ScaleUp inBrazil team to continue providing advice and introductions to Brazilian customers, suppliers, service providers, technical experts, regulators and government officials.

    The program has the honor to work in partnership with some of the major names in the innovation ecosystem of Brazil and Israel.

    The organizers of the program are: The Brazilian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency and the Israel Trade and Investments Brazil.

    Why Agritech in Brazil?

    A recent study made by SPventures – Brazilian leading venture capital and Embrapa – the main agricultural research institute, called Radar AgTech Brasil 2022, mapped and detailed the Brazilian agtechs scenario, highlighting regions and fields of activity. There are 1,703 startups located in Brazilian territory. Almost 70% located in the Southeast region of the country.

    The study concluded that by encouraging actions promoting entrepreneurship in agtechs startups along with strong ecosystem partnerships, such as mentoring and research institutions, investors, entrepreneurs, and productive sector is the key to economic development of the country. AgFoodVentures comes to add and enhance these important initiatives.

    Startups and Corporations Relationship


    What is it?

    Benefits for corporation

    Structured support programs of 2-6 months. Offers resources and expertise required by start-ups and scale-ups improving and accelerating time-to-market or scalability
    Scale-ups and startups mapping that can become supliers, investment partnerships or acquired companies. Executive-Entrepreneur engagement corporate culture transformation during accelaration.

    Workshops, meetups, hackathons and camps to enroll entrepreneurship ecosystem into corporate and vice versa.

    Learn and add entrepreneurship DNA into corporate culture. Networking at events to prospect future business opportunities.

    Merge and acquisition of small companies and its solutions commercially viable.

    Access to customers, technology, income and skills from scale-ups/statups

    At this format that involves equity sharing. Investor company can decide to invest directly at accelerated company or via specialized investment funds.

    Equity sharing at high growth potential companies. Portifolio extension, specially in tech innovations.

    Scale-up or startup provides a product, service or solution to corporate in the B2B businessmodel.

    Access to innovative products and services to solves wide and specific corporate issues.
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